Patients must show up at the Admissions Office, located on the hospital’s Ground Floor (GF).

Our Admissions Officers are available to serve you around the clock.

Note: On Sundays and Holidays after opening hours, all admissions are handled at the Cashier Counter (GF).


Items to Bring For Admission


Documents for admission & registration:

  • Personal ID
  • Medical order from the admitting physician
  • Guarantor’s ID (when applicable)
  • Guarantor’s approval, including reason for hospitalization and covered length of stay (when applicable)

Note: Admission of emergency cases through Emergency Room (ER), where ER sheet and medical order are required. Necessary guarantor’s approvals should be secured within 24 hours of admission (when applicable).



It is recommended to not bring excessive cash or valuables, other than the cash deposit required for admission (if any).

However, in case you do carry such valuables upon admission, please arrange to have them taken home, or else coordinate with the Admissions Office in order to have them placed securely into the hospital’s safe. A note of responsibility will then be issued for your items.



A deposit payment may be required for certain classes, procedures, or lengths of stay, based on the type of hospitalization coverage or guarantor.

For any further questions related to deposits and coverage, please refer to our list of guarantors, or else email us on

In Hospital accommodation


Once admitted, patients will be directed to their ward, where nurses will escort them to their rooms and introduce them to the facilities available. A doctor will then visit them to provide the essential assessments and medical care.