Employee of the Month

Nursing Department

  • Mr. Mortada Jaafar
  • Ms. Hanadi Matar
  • Mrs. Najat Hamoud
  • Mrs. Mona Ayoub
  • Mrs. Kheiryeh al Jamal
  • Mrs. Iman Hamoud
  • Mrs. Zeinab El Lhaf
  • Mrs. Ghazaleh Arandass
  • Mr. Ali Srour
  • Ms. Hiba Alayan
  • Mrs. Haybat El Rezz
  • Mrs. Farah Saadeh
  • Mr. Ali Youssef
  • Ms. Adla Khalaf

Other departments

  • Mr. Mohammad el Mokdad (CSR Department)
  • Ms. Katia EL Ashi (Admission Department)
  • Mr. Ali Alawiye (Transport Department)
  • Mr. Naser EL Harakeh (Security Department)
  • Mrs. Maria Alaaedine (Laboratory Department)
  • Mrs. Amal Ismail (Accounting Department)
  • Mrs. Zeinab Hamoud (Radiology Department)
  • Mr. Mohamad Fatlawi (Endoscopy Department)
  • Mr. Ahmad Awkal (Medical Record Department)
  • Mr. Adel Fadel (Kitchen Department)
  • Mrs. Zeinab  Mostapha (House Keeping Department)
  • Mr. Mohamad saker (Maintenance Department)
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