World Vegan Day
Nov 01, 2016

The vegan diet is one of the most controversial diets out there. Plenty of misconceptions and a great deal of misinformation surround it. From the people who consider it a fad, to those who are terrified of its dangers; and to others who think it’s a solve-all cure-all lifestyle. Vegan Day, which started in 1994 is here to spread awareness and clear all of the fuss up.

On Vegan Day, vegans celebrate their lifestyle by holding street stalls and hosting potluck events, among many other things. They spread awareness on the importance of the vegan diet to health, animals and the environment.

People usually decide to become vegans for either their health, or their love of animals and their disagreement with their slaughter. Vegan people do not consume any animal products, including dairy and honey.

Like most other lifestyles, veganism has its positives and negatives; but the problem lies with it being relatively new to most of the world. But the general consensus is: If you decide to become vegan, you should study your options, your reasons, and you should always weigh in the exact amount of nutrients your body needs each day and where to get enough of them.

Happy Vegan Day!

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