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    Medical Laboratory Specialist   |  Medical
    Are you a Medical Laboratory Specialist looking for a...
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    IT   |  Non-medical
    An IT Officer Job Vacancy has just opened up...
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    ER Physician  |  Medical
    ER Physician job vacancy at Sahel General Hospital. For those...
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    Assistant Nursing Director  |  Medical
    SGH is looking for an Assistant Nursing Director, able...
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    Nursing Director  |  Medical

    If you're a flexible person with great management...

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    Practical Nurse  |  Medical
    SGH is looking for a detail-oriented, fast thinking Practical...
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    Registered Nurse  |  Medical

    Are you optimistic? patient? strong willed? Would...

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    Job Opportunities  |  Medical
    Would you like to join the SGH family? Do...
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    IT Officer  |  Non-medical
    We are hiring! Want to join the SGH family...
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