Allergies: Beyond the sneeze
Oct 11, 2017

Everyone knows about seasonal allergies. You sneeze, you cough and your nose gets itchy. Most people know about food allergies and how you can break out in hives when you eat something you shouldn’t or go near a pet. But do you take allergies as seriously as you should? Some allergies are mild and don’t have any severe symptoms; but some allergies can kill.

Allergies happen when the body mistakes certain compounds in food for diseases and starts making antibodies to fight them off. To find out what allergies you have, you can go to a specialist who will order an allergy test; it can be a blood test or a skin test, where the specialist will put a small amount of allergens under your skin to see if it swells or goes red.

If you find yourself, someone you know or your child having symptoms of nausea, vomiting, swelling, itchy and tight throat or difficulty breathing after eating something, being near an animal or being stung by an insect, it is pivotal and vital to send them to the emergency room immediately. They could go into anaphylactic shock, which means they would stop breathing.

If you do an allergy test for your kid and your doctor asks you not to feed your child certain things (eggs, milk, nuts or fruits…) do not consider that your child is overreacting and feed them any of these items! You might have your child’s best interest at heart and think you’re providing tough love, but you could, in fact, kill them.

If you work in the food industry and someone tells you that they’re allergic to something, do not take the matter lightly. Heed their warnings while handling the food, and if you’re unable to accommodate them, inform them immediately.

If you’re severely allergic, your doctor will prescribe a pen like medication that you can inject in case you were exposed to an allergen and started having a severe reaction. This pen can save your life, but you still need to go to the emergency room afterwards.

In the beginning of autumn, many of us start sneezing. But we should remember that allergies are varied and can go beyond a sneeze.

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