Is it a mole or a melanoma?
  • Skin damage from UV radiation (caused by tanning beds and unprotected exposure to sun) can cause a melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It may look like a normal mole at first, but here are the symptoms you should watch out for and that you should consult a doctor for, laid out in a way that helps you remember them easily:

    A- Asymmetry: If the two halves of the mole don't match in shape, because a mole should be symmetrical.

    B- Border: The borders or edges of the early melanoma are uneven, unlike those of a normal mole.

    C- Color: Most normal moles have an even color. A variety of colors might indicate a melanoma.

    D- Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger in size than the eraser of your pencil.

    E- Evolving: Common and benign moles look the same over time, while moles change appearance, so watch your moles carefully.