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  • Can Type 2 Diabetes be Prevented?

    The short answer is: Yes, most of the time.
    Only 5% of diabetic people have Type 1 diabetes, which can't be prevented; but Type 2 is usually very dependent on lifestyle. A good diet and 30 minutes of exercise each day should be enough to sustain a good health away from diabetes. If you're o...

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  • What are Prostate Cancer's symptoms?

    Are you a man over 50? Maybe it's time for a prostate check-up, especially if you have one or several of these symptoms:

    • Burning or pain during urination.
    • Difficulty urinating or trouble starting and stopping while urinating.
    • More frequent urges to urinate at ni...
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  • Should I brush my child's teeth?

    A lot of times, people believe that because a child will lose its teeth, then there's no point in brushing them or caring for them - this couldn't be further from the truth. Children's oral hygiene is critical for their over-all wellbeing, as well as for their permanent teeth; so brush your child...

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  • Is it a mole or a melanoma?

    Skin damage from UV radiation (caused by tanning beds and unprotected exposure to sun) can cause a melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It may look like a normal mole at first, but here are the symptoms you should watch out for and that you should consult a doctor for, laid ...

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